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Heart Opening Yoga

Online Yoga class via Google Meet. 45 min practice.

This class is focused on opening the Heart Chakra, Anahata, Chakra of LOVE!

Anahata Chakra is located close to the heart, in the center of the chest and also is connected with the heart, lungs, arms and hands. When this chakra of Love is flowing healthy, is related to give and receive Love, compassion, acceptance, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and trust.

Heart Opening Yoga practice stimulates the heart and improves general circulation, stretches the muscles of the chest, abdomen and back, increases flexibility of the spine, shoulders, neck, and mind.

Heart Chakra - Anahata


Feeling gratitude, acceptance, feeling loved, self esteem, confidence, unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, self acceptance, kindnesses, trusting, balance.


Ungrateful, no acceptance, feeling unloved, loneliness, unforgiveness, fear, holding grudges, anger, sadness and grief.

  • Mantra: YAM
  • Cor: Verde e Rosa
  • Stone: Rose Quartz, Jade and Rhodonite

"I Love , I am Love and Grateful. I let Love in and love flow thru my life. Accepting, trusting and confidante in this beautiful journey. My awareness is in the present moment with kindness and LOVE."

Have a great class!